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British paper runs front-page ‘death notice’ for US/UK relationship

http://twitter.com/#!/jfraseruk/status/373547025125875712 In the wake of Parliament’s vote not to join the United States in any military action against Syria, the Sun newspaper isn’t pulling any punches with tomorrow’s front page. Rather than fret over the state of President Obama’s “tortured spirit,” the paper is running a front-page death notice for the “special relationship” between the United […]


This Snorkeler Got The Surprise Of His Life When An Octopus Came Out Of Camouflage In His Face

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Camouflage is crazy. 1. While snorkeling in the Caribbean, Jonathan Gordon was completely surprised by this guy who came out of hiding at the perfect moment. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/l2UeR2pvoMA. Via youtube.com 2. Gordon says, “I had literally no idea he was there until I was about a metre away.” View this image › Via […]


#MarineHeldInMexico Sgt. Tahmooressi returned to prison following hearing

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http://twitter.com/#!/SusanKnowles/status/496360397520519168 Our #MarineHeldInMexico, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, was returned to his cell following a hearing on Monday, Day No. 127 of his imprisonment. At the hearing, defense attorney Fernando Benitez questioned four border officials who were involved in Tahmooressi’s arrest on weapons charges March 31, when he took a wrong turn into Mexico with three U.S.-registered firearms in his truck. Fox […]


Magnitude-5.1 L.A.-area earthquake a boon for Twitter photographers … and comedians

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http://twitter.com/#!/ArianaGrande/status/449767209795977216 Yep, Southern California had “another eaAaaarrrthquake” late last night. There have been no fatalities or major injuries reported as yet, and hopefully that won’t change in the morning.  There were, however, lots of photos of quake damage posted to Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/llamalife/status/449857789217628162 http://twitter.com/#!/Ursgautham/status/449851936561299456 http://twitter.com/#!/twerkinluke/status/449845684057812992 http://twitter.com/#!/RickSforza/status/449776631528189954 http://twitter.com/#!/Nicky_Fagnano/status/449856201614843904 Then there were photos of “devastation” posted by jokers such as these: http://twitter.com/#!/laura_nelson/status/449768012636119040 http://twitter.com/#!/mattnotis/status/449845741138096128 Read […]