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WATCH: Bernie Sanders attempts to fist bump rapper @KillerMike


Last month in Atlanta, Georgia, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview with rapper “Killer Mike” in his barbershop where this truly awful attempt at a fist bump happened: That’s painful to watch! You can see the entire interview here: Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/12/15/watch-bernie-sanders-attempts-to-fist-bump-rapper-killermike-fails-miserably-vine/


15 Charming Edinburgh Bookshops You Must See Before You Die

Get lost in a good book(shop). 1. Armchair Books Instagram: @palvisalvis Instagram: @abigailwestover94   Stuffed floor to ceiling with illustrated antiques and secondhand gems, Armchair Books is the definitive bookshop of your dreams. 2. The Fruit Market Gallery View this image › Facebook: fruitmarketgallery The Fruit Market Gallery combines contemporary art and literature for a […]


‘Can’t make this up’: Obama golfs at ‘Caddyshack’ course; Journos search Netflix

http://twitter.com/#!/jamiedupree/status/399208414838288384 Yes, yes he is, according to this morning’s pool report. http://twitter.com/#!/TVTyeWKYC/status/399211078875234304 https://twitter.com/lesleyclark/status/399211293002838017 http://twitter.com/#!/lesleyclark/status/399211608359976960 And the press corps is on it! http://twitter.com/#!/lesleyclark/status/399214086480605184 http://twitter.com/#!/joshledermanAP/status/399214237723000832 https://twitter.com/JennyBoylan/status/399216007761256448 http://twitter.com/#!/KristinnFR/status/399222722036649985 But oh, the excitement! http://twitter.com/#!/ShawnaNBCNews/status/399215724649918464 Insert “Caddyshack” reference here: http://twitter.com/#!/ShawnaNBCNews/status/399213162865520640 http://twitter.com/#!/MattLaslo/status/399212462085373952 http://twitter.com/#!/ShawnaNBCNews/status/399214008965672960 Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/11/09/cant-make-this-up-obama-golfs-at-caddyshack-course-journos-desperately-search-netflix/