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Kylie Jenner’s enigmatic tweet

http://twitter.com/#!/KylieJenner/status/226710766399655937 What does it mean? Is it some kind of coded message from the teenage reality TV star? Perhaps something to do with this? As usual, Twitter had some thoughts: @KylieJenner you too 😘😘 — kay ♡ (@kaseystrauss_) July 21, 2012 “@KylieJenner: 😘” 😘😘😘 — e (@meowerin_) July 21, 2012 @KylieJenner 😍😘 — Omar Dumont […]


Terry McMillan: White men shoot black boys ‘to show who has the power’

http://twitter.com/#!/MsTerryMcMillan/status/360979732906520576 For context, it’s worth noting that Terry McMillan’s tweet is not exclusively inspired by the case of famous white Hispanic George Zimmerman, but also by the new film “Fruitville Station,” which recounts the shooting of Oscar Grant by two Bay Area Rapid Transit officers in 2009. http://twitter.com/#!/MsTerryMcMillan/status/360978216674013184 At the risk of upsetting MSNBC’s Chris […]


This Cute Baby Is No Match For Dad’s Soothing Piano Lullaby – Just Look At Him Yawn!

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Baby Sam was having a hard time falling asleep. He had an earache that was causing the little guy some discomfort and pain. That’s when Dad came up with a genius idea. He sat down at the piano with baby Sam and tried playing Brahms’ famous lullaby. He was amazed at just how quickly precious […]