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One Husband Shared Why His Wife Is A Hero And You’ll Agree

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Most husbands adore their wives. That might seem like an obvious thing to point out, but it’s important to note that while most spouses adore each other, some share an even deeper love. Bobby Wesson is one of those spouses, and he decided to write a manifesto about why his wife is a hero. She […]


‘Your d*ck smaller than rice crispy’: Iron Sheik takes Current TV host to the mat

http://twitter.com/#!/yesnicksearcy/status/363367442686296064 Heh. Current TV host John Fugelsang is accustomed to being able to say pretty much whatever he wants on his show, which isn’t hard when your audience consists of lefty drones. When John chooses to spout off on Twitter, however, he becomes accountable for what he says. This afternoon, he decided to knock professional […]