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‘Very true’: What does CNN’s inaction on Carol Costello say about their ‘standards’?

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http://twitter.com/#!/MaryForbes14/status/526833405359824896 The fact that that tweet’s still up says a lot about Carol Costello. If CNN suspends @CarolCNN 4 condoning violence against women itll be the "best piece of audio we've ever come across" http://t.co/LWlNh9QobR — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) October 27, 2014 And the fact that Costello has essentially skated on her sickening mockery of Bristol Palin’s […]


Obama yesterday: #DontDoubleMyRate; Obama today: Let the rates double!

http://twitter.com/#!/NathanWurtzel/status/195881723249164288 Remember that student loan interest rate increase Obama spent all week campaigning against? Eeeevil Republicans were going to force starving college grads to cough up an extra $7 a month. 7 whole dollars! Why, that’s almost as bad as burdening them with the cost of their own birth control! Obama pulled out all the […]


Liz Cheney responds to Bill Clinton’s remarks about her dad

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http://twitter.com/#!/NickRiccardi/status/481483329272020992 Ex-president, pervert, serial adulterer, perjurer, and disbarred attorney Bill Clinton described former Secretary of Defense and Vice President Dick Cheney as “unseemly” for being critical of President Obama’s foreign policy blunders. http://twitter.com/#!/Marty2634/status/481535605348642818 Liz Cheney summed it up. http://twitter.com/#!/Liz_Cheney/status/481630854574538753 Bam. *** Related ‘Liberal heads are going to explode’: Dick and Liz Cheney launch new non-profit Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/06/24/liz-cheney-responds-to-bill-clintons-remarks-about-her-dad/


A Barber Is Giving Free Haircuts That Make Misbehaving Kids Look Like Old Men

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He calls it the “Benjamin Button Special.” 1. If your kid’s acting out, barber Russell Fredrick and his team at A-1 Kutz, a barbershop in suburban Atlanta, are happy to help with a creative kind of discipline. View this image › Facebook: aONEkutz 3. Parents can bring in their bad kids three days a week […]