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Update: Police say La. woman who claimed KKK hate crime attack set herself on fire

http://twitter.com/#!/TJMShow/status/260874353145692160 Last night, Twitchy reported the story of a 20-year-old woman, Sharmeka Moffitt, being attacked and burned by three members of the KKK. While many Twitterers were quick to link the attack to Mitt Romney and the Tea Party, we expressed our condolences to Moffitt and her family and sent prayers for recovery. Now, as […]


So many Hulks, so little time

http://twitter.com/#!/doctorow/status/198707956978688000 HULK NOT JUST INCREDIBLE. HULK HAVE MANY SIDES. HULK THREE DIMENSIONAL LIKE YOU. @doctorow HULK TAKE FOUR BATHS. THIS GREEN STUFF NO WASH OFF! #TheIndelibleHulk — Guy McLimore (@couchguy) May 5, 2012 https://twitter.com/#!/kevfrost/status/198716192603648001 @doctorow HULK NOT WANT A HUG. HULK WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE FOR NOW. #TheInconsolableHulk — John Scalzi (@scalzi) May 5, […]


‘Ready to jam’: #Ferguson heats up again Friday night; cops with flash bombs

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http://twitter.com/#!/alanblinder/status/500516822463303680 http://twitter.com/#!/blackink12/status/500523604631515137 Here we go again. After a small respite, things heated up once more in Ferguson. This is what late Friday night looked and sounded like: http://twitter.com/#!/michaelcalhoun/status/500508138697936897 http://twitter.com/#!/KoranAddo/status/500509489599352832 “Instigators” on scene: http://twitter.com/#!/yeahbuddy81/status/500519404153495554 http://twitter.com/#!/AntonioFrench/status/500515292343463936 http://twitter.com/#!/AntonioFrench/status/500519687965655041 Long night…and morning ahead: http://twitter.com/#!/ToluseO/status/500519466707730432 As of 2 a.m. Eastern: http://twitter.com/#!/AmyKNelson/status/500513879550885889 http://twitter.com/#!/blackink12/status/500520455967481858 http://twitter.com/#!/blackink12/status/500522959627251713 Previous Twitchy coverage of Ferguson. Read more: […]


‘Tears in my eyes from laughing so hard’! Instapundit guesses what Shaun King did with all that #BLM money

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By now, you’ve probably heard that #BlackLivesMatter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King is in trouble. Big trouble. You see, Shaun excelsat fundraising,but when it comes to being honest about what happens to those funds… well, he’s not so great at that: More from The Daily Beast: King collected millions of dollars […]


Allen West offers history lesson to Hank Aaron after GOP/KKK comparison

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http://twitter.com/#!/bbergeronlaw/status/454046224337760257 On the week of the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron’s 715th home run that broke Babe Ruth’s record, the baseball legend had some harsh words about Republican critics of President Obama: “We can talk about baseball. Talk about politics. Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, […]