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Planned Parenthood ‘disappointed’ by Bernie Sanders’ accusation

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Planned Parenthood, which has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, isn’t happy that Bernie Sanders has included them among members of the “establishment”: Wow, you’d think Sanders had accused them of selling baby parts. The Human Rights Campaign sided with @PPAct: And Bill Clinton weighed in: The very top of the Demorat establishment has spoken! Read […]


Chris Matthews: So glad fatal Sandy hit, helped Obama; Backpedals and fails

http://twitter.com/#!/BiasedGirl/status/266161296662216704 Taking the prize for the most despicable alleged person on MSNBC (and that is a tough competition)? Chris Matthews. That’s right, he hailed Hurricane Sandy … because it helped Obama. Lives Shmives! What really matters is Obama and his re-election. Hey, #sandy victims: MSNBC’s @matthews ‘I’m So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week’ […]