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How Getting Stabbed 32 Times By Her Ex Led To Something Unexpected… Yet Beautiful.

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Domestic violence is a plague that terrorizes our country. Sometimes it’s so bad, people are brutally murdered in their own homes. This woman was stabbed in the face more than 30 times… but she found a way to fight back, live and find love. Her story will leave you dumbfounded. Melissa Dohme was attacked by […]


Calls for NOW to condemn misogynist attack against S.E. Cupp fall on deaf ears; Women need NOW like fish need bicycles

http://twitter.com/#!/OHenrysStepchld/status/205317927308767234 Exactly. NOW is worthless. Twitchy reported on the disgusting systematic misogyny perpetrated against S.E. Cupp earlier today. This is standard operating procedure for the Left, who consistently dehumanize and sexualize conservative women in an attempt to marginalize them and shut them up. But, good news! NOW totally responded to the misogyny against S.E. Cupp. […]


Louisiana Congressman: Obama Defended ISIS With “Unpresidential” Prayer Breakfast Speech

“Not only did he vilify Christianity, but he actually made a case to defend radical Islam, that’s killing people around the world.” w.soundcloud.com Louisiana Republican Rep. John Fleming said President Obama’s speech to the National Prayer Breakfast last week in which he drew a historical comparison between atrocities committed by Islamic State fighters and past […]


A Tribute To The Memes Of Feb. 26, 2015

How could these both happen on the same day? 1. Two llamas. One Dress. An Audience of Millions. View this image › Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/danmeth/a-tribute-to-the-memes-of-february-26-2015