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An elbow for an elbow: James Harden gets revenge on Metta World Peace

Harden gave 'World Peace' a lil bit of an elbow last night. #DeservedIt — Austin (@austin_smitty_) May 17, 2012 If Metta Work Peace (AKA Ron Artest) didn’t believe in Karma before, he certainly does now! Less than a month after he violently elbowed James Harden with one of the most brutal cheap-shots ever seen in […]


Networks skip president’s speech for Roger Goodell’s ‘dramatic announcement’

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@ErikWemple I believe that's just a verbal tick of the anchor. — Michael Barbaro (@mikiebarb) September 19, 2014 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference Friday afternoon was reportedly quite the snooze, with the exception of some heckling by Benjy Bronk of “The Howard Stern Show.” The monotonous platitudes didn’t keep CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer from describing the statement […]


Here Are 15 Genius Tricks To Fix Your Winter Problems. Although Going South Still Works, Too.

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Some people enjoy everything about winter. If you grew up in a state that was buried in snow every winter (like I did), then you’ll probably think those people are crazy. Winter can be beautiful, but it often adds stress to daily life that just shouldn’t be there. Luckily, here are some life hacks that […]