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Companies still cutting employees’ hours because of Obamacare

@dlaw_13 my daughter works at 1of the big sports retailers. All fulltime employees cut except for mgmt due to Obamacare rules on hours (<30) — Peery Heldreth (@PHeldreth) April 5, 2013 Welcome to our part-time nation, courtesy of Obamacare: AAA Parking announced it will move 1/2 of 500 full-time hourly employees to part-time status due […]


Little Boy Has The Most Adorable Reaction To A Butterfly Landing On His Face.

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This cute little boy had the most adorable reaction when a butterfly landed right on his nose, it was the most honest mix of terror and excitement a person could ever have. The kid managed to keep his cool (at that age I’m pretty sure I would have swatted it in a panic), and quickly […]


Check out this progressive group’s sidesplitting ‘War on Grammar’

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Educashun. #Tweetfail @moprovote @AAUW — TheGunny (@Gunny_Says) April 8, 2014 Twitchy’s editors have deciphered some hilariously incoherent tweets. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Cher.) But this tweet sent by the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition is a mutilated mess. “Every year woman are a third if a paycheck behind women.” If you can't understand this you're […]