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How Well Do You Really Know “Zoolander”?

1. What is the name of this look? 2. What is the full name of the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good? 3. What song is playing in this scene? 4. How many words does Vince Vaughn say in the film? 5. Which one of these celebrities does NOT have a cameo […]


Journos pull young boy to safety during Taliban attack in Kabul [photo]

Proud of my Afghan journos! Afghan journalists pulled out a school kid from the attack area happened near presidential palace — Esmatullah Kohsar (@EKohsar) June 25, 2013 Afghan journalists reportedly rescued a young boy and kept him safe during a Taliban attack near Afghanistan’s presidential palace and the U.S. CIA headquarters in Kabul. Afghan journos protect […]


Geraldo Rivera refers to Joe the Plumber’s ‘shoot em all’ immigration platform plank

Advice to GOP: serving rice&beans&spanish speakers at convention won't lure latinos offended by joe the plumber shoot em all platform plank — Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) August 23, 2012 The Republican Party’s plank on immigration obviously does not call for shooting anyone. It simply calls for strict border enforcement and self-deportation of illegal aliens. For the first […]


‘I could see this one from Alaska’: Hey journos, ‘stupid’ Palin was right about Ukraine

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Laugh at her now -> Russia might invade Ukraine if Obama wins, @SarahPalinUSA warns – 10/22/08 http://t.co/dLMYTpqpUz pic.twitter.com/s3KaluGlMx — Karl ‏ ن‏Kroshinsky (@KarlKroshinsky) February 28, 2014 Boy, that Sarah Palin sure is a dunce, isn’t she? Just ask “real journalist” Blake Hounshell, who was quite tickled when Palin said this back in 2008: After the […]


Boston EMS reaches out to Texas emergency workers after plant explosion

Our thoughts are with emergency responders and medical staff working the West, TX disaster. — Boston EMS (@BOSTON_EMS) April 18, 2013 As Boston continues to recover from the marathon bombing, Boston EMS reached out to emergency workers responding to the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion with a message of unity and compassion. Gov. Rick Perry’s […]


Syracuse defeats Wisconsin, 64-63

Syracuse just won a great, great basketball game. Nothing comes easy in March. Cuse beat a team that shot 52% from downtown making FOURTEEN! — Michael Girts (@MikeGirts) March 23, 2012 Last time Syracuse won an NCAA Tournament game by 1 point? 2003 Sweet 16: beat Auburn 79-78 and went on to win national title. […]